African Wildlife Animal Hunter

Description of African Wildlife Animal Hunter

“Let’s go hunting with Jungle Animals hunter in African
wildlife hunting. This is an amazing realistic & accurate
3d best hunting game and best sniper shooting game. People who
love to hunt as alone sniper will love this animal first person
sniper shooting game where you don’t have a team & you have
to do it all alone. Use your gun to shoot wild jungle beast
hunter like, lion, elephant, zebra, crocodile, hippopotamus,
and rhinoceros. You going to have the different accurate
experience with every wild animal shoot. There are some furious
wildlife creature, they always attack the hunters. Deer and
stags are the most favorite beast hunter. This game gives you
an awesome experience with accurate real 3D graphics, sound
effect and the environment. Don’t forget to take head shot in
this hunt area of wildlife creature.

Jungle Hunting is here in African jungle. If you’re looking for
a sniper game where you need to hunt for all kinds of beast.
This game is one of the jungle adventure from other shooting
games and wildlife beast hunting games, it might be said that
you are facing the challenge of sparing jeopardized creatures
on earth to make them silly so that veterinary masters can
review them for restorative treatment. This game tests your
energies, temper, and courage and how good you are in accepting
the challenge.


In this animal hunting game you are the alone sniper, pick your
most loved animal you think about and affection to help for
their medicinal treatment. You got LION, ELEPHANT, ZEBRA,
play with every beast. African forest sniper shooting game is
never ending fun & adventure and most importantly it shows
how much you care about saving endangered species of animals on


1. Dangerous Realistic Forest Environment

2. Wild creature out there to chase

3. Hunting among different animals

4. Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt stacked with standard ammo

5. Different animals to select as target

6. Multiple levels against every animal.

7. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Forest

8. Superb design

How to Play:

1. Select the endangered animal to focus from LION, ELEPHANT,

2. Complete level by hunting all creature in that level to open
next level

3. Take zoom shoot at target with gun; make sure animals are at
your reach.

4. Navigate in forest on swiping at left of your phone

5. You can use zoom and then press shooting buttons to hit

6. You can check help screen before playing



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