Battle Royale Grand Mobile

Description of Battle Royale Grand Mobile

Subdue your fear of war & deploy your gun shooting squad
into the Royale battlefield to encounter enemies. You will be
inserted onto the battleground from air and have to find the
weaponry, health kit and food to survive. Explore your mind
tactics and collect advance armor. Snipe from the distance
& get close to the enemy to crush them right in their
territory. It’s a prelude to a massive mobile battle Royale
that you have ever seen in an arena game.

Weapon Inventory:

Enhance your playing experience by playing with modern
sniper, SMG, AK47 or M4A1. Upgrade your weapon inventory by
in game purchase system.

Keep Moving:

Dive through the sky and travel through places by driving
different vehicles or swimming by the river. It’s easier to
survive when you keep moving!

Character Selection:

Choose from different characters; you can either play with
John or Anna. Both have their way of fighting for survival.

Daily Bonus:

Get daily bones and perform daily tasks, keep your google
play trophy cabnit full with achievements.

Grenades, Energy drinks make it easy:

Get grenades before every mission, you can buy more with in
game purchases and rewarded video.


Find Energy drinks to increase your stamina.

Remember! There is only one thing- Survive. Survive at any
cost because you’re going to prove the real royale battle
survivor of the world war. Cover the unknown’s wake and
manage your strike to smack them down with your miraculous
royale shooting war skills.

Brag your shooting, swimming & driving skills to
demonstrate to your rival that you are the best. There are a
lot of awesome energy drinks to boost up your power so
whenever you get tired you can have some drink!

This new Third Person Shooter (TPS) action game will let you
feel the terror within the arena at its extreme. Just stay
focused to shoot the rivals and destroy the base of enemies
the way that they never stand high. Download & play like
a super action hero in this destiny warfare.



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