Battle Royale: Urban Warfare

Description of Battle Royale: Urban Warfare

Battle Royale : Urban Warfare is an action packed shooting
war game.

Encounter the enemies with armor, Ak-47, Bazooka and new
destructive weapons. This war game is one of the best third
person shooter games ever! Just have a look and download our
game so enjoy its non-stop action! With our game you will
find yourself in a clash of mafias and terrorists!

First Episode: Battlenet

A big group of Terrorists have attacked on a Public place and
the area is a red zone areain this battlenet scene. The
Terrorists have hi-jacked the area due to which a Very
Special Force has been assigned and invited to escort the
civilians and uniformally neutralize the area. You are the
lone warrior who has the power and ability to help and save
the city from these mighty terrorists.

Second Episode: Betternet

You have to enhance your attacking skills in this betternet
game episode.

Keep in mind; there are the vicious mafia and terrorists you
are going to swat & kill. More advanced features of the
crusade against terror allow your choice of ammo, like
shotguns, Ak-47, and Bazookas from different places during
action. Take a breath and pull the trigger to make the kill

You are the best gunner of battlefields! Enjoy your bullet
party! Ans sometimes drive your shooting car and kill or
simply destroy enemy! Keep in mind that you have to hunt the
clever terrorist shooters to release hostages in this urban

Battle Royale : Urban Warfare Features:

• Complex situation, hijacked buildings, captured arenas and
cross firing

• Short & long shooter guns

• Exciting Map with Realistic Fighting Arena Environment

• Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the next stage

• Critical different missions terror

• Best Shooting Game

• Amazing 3D Graphics



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