Cartoon Defense 1.5

Description of Cartoon Defense 1.5

New story of Cartoon Defense is released.

Cartoon Defense 1.5 is interesting Touch-Defense Game having
strategy and action.

Defeat enemies with your nimble fingers.

So interesting action is waiting for you.


The 4th story of Cartoon Defense.

The princess of Cartoon Kingdom and the prince of Cyclops
kingdom loved each other and had gotten engaged.

But strife had arisen between their kingdoms.

As a result, their love was threatened.

Finally, the prince of Cyclops declared war to keep his love.

Love and War. What future is waiting for them?


Speedy and intrepid finger action.

Various weapons and upgrading.

Various enemies and mid-boss.

About 160 stages.

Mini games and various event games.

Today`s good luck by fortune cookie.

◎ This app is single-play game and write saved data on your
device. The save data can not be restored, if you uninstall
app or clear app data.

◎ If you have any problems, questions and suggestions, email
following address please.



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