Clash of Boom Gunners Vs Thieves – Offline FPS

Description of Clash of Boom Gunners Vs Thieves – Offline FPS

Clash of Boom Gunners Vs Thieves is an offline first person
shooter FPS action-paced fast game, where you tap to shoot in
combat arena to bring deadly thieves in terror. It is one of
those fun sniper hunter shooting games, where boom gunners
& friends take on the deadly criminals & gangsters in
a western town. Bandits, gangsters and criminals have taken
over the western fortress town; the job of taking back the
city’s fortress is on you and your band of heroes in gunners
of war. Clash of Boom Gunners Vs. Thieves is one of those one
tap gun sniper hunter games, where all you counter sniper
team have to do is to tap on your target to take it out. With
smooth fps shooting experience, this free to play battle
ground offline fps game is a fun time assassin by all
accounts in Miami map.

With several bandits counter gangsters and shoot them by
taken over the Western Fortress town, you have to make your
stand and rescue hostages from all the deadly criminals and
gangsters before they slip away. In this town of heroes, all
who remain shall defend the city from thieves, bandits,
gangsters and criminals. In this heroes vs thieves scenario,
take up your guns and boom your way to take back your city
from the real gangsters who’re free roaming the town. With
several gangster assault guns to select from your vast
arsenal, be the ultimate sniper gun slinger and be an awesome
cop who is well equipped to take down the city gangsters
before they evade the grasp of justice. There’s a new notable
sheriff in town because of incredible shoot of terror, which
will be the last hope & end of thieves, enemy snipers and
battle bank robbers before they get rich and strengthen their

Clash of boom gunners Vs Thieves is action packed fps sniper
hunting shooter, where you have you flaunt your fast reflexes
to tap to shoot & gun down the enemies while grenades
& bullets are flying all over the combat place. It’s a
battle of nerves where you have to handle the pressure of
explosions in real grand gangster’s war and enemy fire coming
your way. Complete the challenging levels of modern shooting,
dominate the battlefield, blitz your way through the enemy
fire, rescue hostages & civilians, take your time to aim
and top the leader boards among your friends. Gear up with
all the unlockable goodies & guns, and get ready to cause
some major league BOOMS!


– Intuitive & easy tap to shoot controls.

– Fun & stylized graphics

– Several guns and weapons to unlock

– Numerous shooting arenas and battle zones.



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