Code Asylum Action RPG

Description of Code Asylum Action RPG

3rd Person Action-RPG offline rpg Game, with three classes,
warrior, wizard and archer. Beautiful open world and unique
dungeon. Player have ability to ride/mount horse, and dragon
(in future update).

Unique set of Legendary Swords, Shields, Bows, Staves and

Set in a Fantasy World.

The Game (Based on Nanawatai Code)

The Kingdom of Avanga has for generations lived in peace with
its neighbors, largely untouched by wars of conquest waged by
the surrounding petty kingdoms and empires. Stout soldiers and
a network of sturdy fortresses are the primary means to
discourage invaders, however the lasting freedom of Avanga
rests on its spiritual strength and the fierce determination of
its people to live in accordance with their sacred beliefs.

The most important dictum of the Avangan people is their belief
in asylum and the harboring in safety of anyone who petitions
for relief. The ages-old “Code of Asylum” applies even to
enemies who beg for protection: their pleas for shelter must be
recognized and honored.

The second most important dictum of the Avangan people is the
“Code of Revenge” that demands any mortal injury be repaid to
the aggressor in pain, misery, and death a thousand times over.
Adherence to this code has warned away larger kingdoms from
risking an apocalyptic conflict.

And what happens when the Code of Asylum conflicts with the
Code of Revenge? How can the need to protect an enemy be
reconciled with the need to destroy him? That will be your
question to decide…

Player takes on a role playing role in a medieval fantasy era.

Gameplay: 🙂

Dynamic and intuitive game controls

Fierce and fast-paced combat lasting 10 minute or less

Captivating single player campaign for training and testing
your skills


3 Classes 🙂

Warrior Class

A melee class that specialize in leading combat and taking the
brunt of the damage in groups. Warrior wears heavy armors and
can use sword, axe and mace.


Archer-type classes tend to be wise, hardy, cunning, and ranged
damage dealers.

Ranger is skilled in wilderness survival and sometimes “nature
magic” or have a resistance to magic. Their preferred martial
arts weapons leans towards practical-utility: archery and can
use rifle aswell.

Jadogar/Mage/Warlock Class

Jadogar is considered to be spellcaster who wield powerful
spells, but are often physically weak as a trade-off. A
Jadogar’s power is based on the arcane, fire and storm and can
excel at mastering the elements and can crate a devastation at
their will. Jadogar wear light armors and carry magic weapons
and accessories.



Realistic Massively Large Open world with no loading screen,
with 5 different types of terrains (desert, greenfield, cliff,
snow and snow mountains)



More then 20 Unique Skills, Physical, Range and Magical.

Minimum 4 unique skills to master per class



Horse Mounts with different set of speed



Intelligent AI with realistic fighting style



Different types of Armor, such as light, medium and heavy

Different types of weapons, such as sword, axe, bow, staff and


And Much more

Code Asylum is crafted with passion by a solo developer of
old-school RPG fan, who love making the game they always wanted
to play.


Performance Issue Fix:

Go to Option – Tick “Performance Boost” and reduce “View
Distance” and apply.

Please Note:

All three classes are unlocked.

Total 5 maps and new maps can be unlocked using gems.

Around 5 hours of Gameplay and more contents will be added

For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer
Support Desk:



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