Critical Combat Strike : Counter Shooting

Description of Critical Combat Strike : Counter Shooting

Gear up to play ultimate action assault gun shooting on
modern epic hopeless RPG world. Enjoy this modern warfare
with stunning high quality graphics and tactical combat
missions. Every mission comes with new challenges,
assignments and duties, which must be done to move on next
one. Fight like a legend; shoot like a hero and strike enemy
like army marine delta force shooter.

Follow the combat rules and defend yourself from counter
attacks if you want to be victorious. In this epic warfare;
enemies are skilled and hard to invade. In short, more you
will play more you will enjoy and more you will explore
better the chance of success.

Download Now! This modern warfare free shooting fps game
“Critical Combat Strike : Counter Shooting”

Game Features:

Advanced Weaponry:


Hostage Reuse:

**** Find and rescue multiple hostages while strike your
enemies ****

High Profile Targets:

**** Assassinate the traitor in your special critical
missions ****

Defuse Bomb:

**** Strike your enemies and defuse bomb to win the global
war ****


This game is currently in beta stage if you find any bug and
experience performance issues. Please contact us via email.



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