Flying Falcon Robot Hero

Description of Flying Falcon Robot Hero

Flying Falcon Robot Hero let’s rise high in the sky of
Newyork city to combat as real hero of flying robot games who
is on city survival mission. Fly hero city escape to rise in
the sky for city survival mission accompanied with falcon
robot capable of combat, flying, shooting drones and spy
mission and attacking eagle robots of enemies as captain hero
fighter. Flying robot will fight the gangsters helping US
police with flying super captain hero fighter skills in crime
city battle rescue mission with flying robot for grand city
rescue mission in city survival mission and flying hero

Flying Falcon Robot Hero in the real hero of flying robot
games and going to battle in US police crime battle is the
best robot games with flying robot having hero flying robot
skills and accompanied with falcon robot shooting drones on
enemies and flying falcon will complete super city rescue
mission in US police super battle in this super robot game.
This war is fought by Spy Falcon robot which is fight against
gangsters and enemy eagle robot with real Flying Falcon Robot
Hero to save it from evil futuristic enemies and eagle robot.
Stop the evil and conquer gangster squad in city survival
mission as captain has amazing super powers and falcon robot
of flying robot games in Flying Falcon Robot Hero. Remove
threat and terror in city crime rescue mission as superhero
fighter. Flying robot will come to rescue people of grand
city survival mission with super flying hero fighting skills
and help US police in flying hero games.

City survival mission in flying robot hero games will be
completed by Flying Falcon Robot Hero for which real hero
needs super power to save people of city from any sort of
difficulty and futuristic robots enemies in best robot games.
Fly hero city escape crime fighter & professional fighter
to control over act of violence. Start this super-exciting
battle in city survival mission and fight as fearless fighter
with brave heart. Flying robot having ultimate powers to
counter the gangster squad in grand city. Deadly battle
against crime as legendary fighter to combat as Newyork city
superhero with fighting skills and tactics. The hero legend
Flying Falcon Robot Hero needs the super captain flying hero
to become steel hero legend and play as an amazing hero the
real savior in US robot battle of flying superhero games.

Flying hero games with falcon robot hero of falcon games will
fight and complete amazing flying hero fighter skills in US
robot game. Falcon robot will do drone shooting and fly high
in the sky for city survival mission and keep close eye of
futuristic robot enemies. Fly over the super city to rescue
people in emergency situations and take them to ambulance
captain hero needs to high alert. Give a real hard time to
gangster squad and criminals to stop the rise of gangster in
city escaping from the grand city jail combating police

★★★ FEATURES ★★★

• Amazing City Environment to explore

• Superb Flying Falcon Robot Hero

• Great Flying Robot Controls and Animations

• Amazing Flying Falcon Drone Shooting Animations

• High Quality 3D Graphics and Sound Effects

• Interesting scenarios for flying hero game lovers



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