Flying Spider Hero City Rescuer Story

Description of Flying Spider Hero City Rescuer Story

Flying Spider Hero City Rescuer is a battle strategy game
provides a realistic city rescue mission of super spider
heroes by defeating the evil gangster and robbers. People
live a normal life when living among ordinary people but once
you see the criminals are making tough to live then super
action is needed to survive. Grand city has an emergency
rescue situation you need to transform into a flying
superhero having amazing super flying spider abilities and
fight with enemy robbers the criminal heroes. An action pack
including the excitement present in city survival games with
the responsibility of rescue mission in strange hero games
makes this flying superhero simulator one of the best spider

Get the challenge, be the Flying Spider Superhero in this
amazing spider hero interesting and fetal mission game by
eliminating treacherous robot spiders. Expertly utilize your
super spider hero skills to strategically defeat spider
terrorist in this spider hero secret mission.

Flying Spider Hero City Rescuer: Fatal Contest – where
citizens are facing a danger, there is only one way; fight
and protect this world! Only real champions can jump in this
fatal contest to complete this task and win the contest.
Prepare for epic fighting action with super heroes team. This
is going to be the greatest battles in a war history.
Underworld criminal mafia is snatching in streets and robbing
in banks. Ladies are not safe even they are in jewelry
markets to rob and get precious diamonds and jewelries.

Hurry up! Reach to the robbers and safe citizens, people are
asking for help. A real hero with super skills is needed to
cope with dangerous gangs. City police and armed forces are
failed to finish this crime scene. Show your fighting
skills.Here you are the only hope, jump over, fly high and
dive in streets. Enemy has dangerous weapons, use your spider
hero skills and defeat the enemy.


– Different mission with realistic spider fights

– Realistic HD Graphics

– Awesome Secret Missions

– Amazing sounds and ambience

– Smooth Controls

– Addictive Flying Spider Hero City Rescuer Gameplay



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