Grand Next Auto San Francisco

Description of Grand Next Auto San Francisco

Welcome to San Francisco – American metropolis, which is
being held on corruption and drugs. You decide to leave the
crime, but who came in here, did not come out ever! The last
robbery will fail and you will have to start all over again.

During the passage of the game you have to pass a difficult
path, on which there will be a variety of tests, including
hijackings are steep wheelbarrows, rare motorcycles, fights
in the ghetto, skirmishes with enemy gangs and robberies of
jewelry stores, banks and even ordinary shops.


– Exciting unique story

– View from 3 persons

– More than 20 types of transport

– Detailed and open world

– Realistic physics

– High level of graphics in San Andreas

– The ability to start a business

– City in the style of Vice City

– More than 10 types of weapons

Download Grand Next Auto San Francisco for free, become the
most powerful gangster in San Francisco!



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