Grand Thief Gangster Andreas City

Description of Grand Thief Gangster Andreas City

Immerse in the world of ruling gangsters and evil mafia where
you are the law in this war against mafia. In this empire of
underworld mafia only the most powerful fighter gangster lord
can claim turf over city of crime San Andreas. In the city
that is falling apart and crime rate is high, you want
revenge on evil mafia for robbing you of your property by
taking away their prized vehicles and sports motors. You must
come up with a strategy make this heist successful and take
down evil mobs but avoid snipers at all cost or its game
over. Play this iconic open world 3D theft game and win in
your standoff with mafia mob. In this thrilling crime
gameplay make corrupt cops, gang of bikers in San Andreas
your brothers in arm and face rival mafia group in this epic
auto theft. Being a real gangster don’t follow any laws, just
focus on your goal and find locations of all the enemies’
vehicles in multi-levels of this game. This gameplay features
city’s streets where crime in urban is at peak, you must
fight against mobster and shoot your pistols at mafia in
order to get their cars.

In this open world game you can get on a car, bus, and
helicopter or even on army tanks to become famous in the
underworld mafia of crime city! Play this new action combat
of gangsters versus mafia and rule streets of San Andreas as
payback. Find all the hidden autos and steal all mafia cars,
then miam them in gang vs mafia bullet party.

Use console-quality controls of the game and roam free in
this 3D open world theft mission and show of your awesome
gangster skills. In order for you to lord over the city you
must destroy all your enemies and steal all vehicles. You
must be fearless of police officers in your hunt for revenge
by using pro spy tactics to find the locations of your target
vehicles. Race down the streets avoiding traffic, fighting
mafia members yet never getting caught by army snipers after
you! You must deal with all those hurdles while getting away
with enemy property. Your skills will be tested behind the
wheels and as you shot bullets using pistol but as a pro
player you will be victorious in this free online 3D
action-adventure thriller gang mafia game.

This is an open world game where player can roam anywhere in
the gaming environment to achieve game objectives. This
gameplay packs it all, shooting, race against police, grand
theft of mafia auto cars. Also players can fly helicopter in
this realistic fun action-thriller scenario so download and
play this new modern gangster versus mafia standoff game.

Game Features:

– High-quality realistic graphics and special effects.

– 3D city scape environments and multi-level quest!

– Action music and control sounds.

– Smooth and easy controls.

– Free online open-world game: play it on android &

Gamers will be unable to take their eyes away from device
screen while playing all in one modern theft and combat game.



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