Granny Grandpa 2: The Horror Games

Description of Granny Grandpa 2: The Horror Games

Why does everything seem like a scary game all packed in just a
small spooky room? Fear is

creeping up your neck making you dream of a haunted mansion
with eerie surroundings shouting

like house scream bellowing in a grave! The horror asylum is a
creepy house full of hidden

secrets assaulting your thoughts with scary grandpa visuals. Is
this some spooky house scary

game unleashing itself slowly into a grandpa horror reality?

Then it hits, the image of being under kidnap assault, an evil
granny grandpa hosted as a

sneaking neighbor entering your house and stifling you into
deep unconsciousness. That was a

nightmare! The scary grandpa horror spreading eerie fear house
vibes terrorizing you to utter

death grave, you are now locked in the spooky house room of the
horror asylum. The horror

games always appeared less scary when played but this survival
horror game reality is ten folds

more scary with palpitating Goosebumps. Download the granny
grandpa horror house game

today and experience the realistic sneaking neighbor grandpa
horror in kidnap escape game!

The granny grandpa scream house game offers 3 evil scary
characters, with two evil grannies and

one grandpa horror to add variety to your haunted mansion
escape game! Remember one

WARNING; you will have to plan and attempt an escape in horror
game within five days else

you will become an everlasting prisoner of the granny grandpa
eerie survival horror game. You

can’t let that happen, or you will soon turn into the zombie
bogeyman like all other failed


You have just one way to escape this eerie creepy house, which
is to search for the key to the

main spooky house gates. You will have to search for the key in
every spooky room, checking in

the drawers and cupboards without making any house scream
noise! If you see the scary evil

granny grandpa heading your way, simply duck under the bed or
hide in the cupboard to escape

the grandpa horror terror.

Once you leave the spooky eerie room without making any noise,
keep yourself alert and don’t

scream because the bogeyman corpses reside in this house as
their own nest. They will give you

Goosebumps in every spooky room of the scary grandpa neighbor
horror house, but you have to

make no noise or go near them, it might reawake them which will
be the biggest threat to your


How to play Scary Granny Grandpa Horror House Scream

 Download the granny grandpa house scream game from your play

 The character is trapped in the spooky room

 Use onscreen touch controls to slide out of the room in
escape game

 If you sense the evil granny grandpa near you, hide under the
bed or in the cupboards

 Escape haunted mansion by sneaking from spooky room to
another for the key

 Use icons to find key in every direction

 Search for the key in cupboards and drawers too.

 On spotting the key, silently rush towards the scream house

 Avoid going near the bogeyman

 Make no noise while your escape plan

FEATURES OF Scary Granny Grandpa Horror House Scream

 Horror asylum creepy house simulation

 3 scary evil sneaking neighbor characters of 2 granny and 1

 Flexible on screen touch controls to control movements

 Lethal Escape game

 Fear house background music effects

 Realistic HD visual graphics

 FIVE days to escape the spooky horror house



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