Iron League

Description of Iron League

The Continent of Asteria, the land of humans, was torn apart
when the seven realms waged war against each other. During this
horrific war to dominate the entire continent, each nation
trains and deploys the “Ironsides,” the psychic warriors
revered as heroes chosen by the primordial creator, “AST.”

The 1st Continental War finally ended with the destruction of
four nations and a precarious truce. However, the social and
political mayhem in the aftermath haunted Asteria. Anarchism
was widely spread among the people, and the tumultuous riots
never seemed to end.

The three nations that survived the Continental War decided to
open the “Iron League” together, a new bloodsport starring the
Ironsides, to captivate the people while resolving this chaos.

Welcome to the Iron League, a 3v3 arena team battle!

“Ironsides” are the psychic warriors on the continent of
Asteria, revered as heroes chosen by our primordial creator,
“AST.'” The three nations that survived the Continental War
decided to open the “Iron League” together, the new bloodsport
starring these heroes, to captivate the people while resolving
the social chaos.

1. Global real-time 3v3 team battle

Iron League is a 3v3 MOBA game featuring Quick & Rank
matches. It also supports other game modes including 2v2 Rank
matches and 1v1 duels. Experience the indescribable thrill of
victory using tactics you’ve devised.

2. Smart targeting and auto-normal attack system

Iron League lowered the hurdle of new players for MOBA games
with its easy and intuitive controls optimized for mobile
devices. With its smart targeting and auto-normal attack
system, anyone can might the last warrior standing in the

3. 10-minute-per-round gameplay, endless team battles

One round in the Iron League usually ends in about 10 minutes.
Arenas are not unnecessarily big, and breathtaking team battles
continue from start to end. Overwhelm your enemies in short and
fast-paced battles!

4. More than 30 memorable heroes, unique arenas, and a
fascinating universe

Many Ironsides from the inside and outside factions of Asteria
are gathering at our arena. Explore the Asterian Saga in five
unique arenas and more than 30 heroes that have their own
compelling stories to tell.

Are the heroes trying to prove their nation’s might? Or do they
fight for honor, victory, or simply to quench their thirst for
blood? No matter. We don’t care what their motives are, as long
as they give us a good fight.

How about you? Do you wanna be the strongest Ironside of the

Then, take the next bold step into the Iron League!

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