Last Day Battleground Call: WW2 Army Survival Hero

Description of Last Day Battleground Call: WW2 Army Survival

Enter the navy war camp carrying heavy weapons as russian
sniper shooter. police sniper legacy, where the real war
begins in ww2 games. Last Day Battleground Call & WW2
Army Strike Survival Hero is the ultimate battlegrounds game
with the most realistic graphics and easy-to-use controls. As
a special sniper warrior, lead your Army frontline battalion
in war zone to take control on against the special operations
forces and defend their motherland. Grab your WW2 equipment
eliminates sharp shooters, heavy artillery, and fps shooting
arena. You can grab health packs and ammunition during your
gun strike fight against these hostile forces taking on your
country. This WW2 frontline commando game includes different
difficulty levels to play like killing spree and enjoy the
real experience of army warzone. Takeout the enemy before the
sniper attack on your city because this is where more heavy
infantry battalions are waiting to terrorist attack your
country border and get hold of the urban cities. Don’t let
them impose snake wars on your country.

Equip yourself with Sniper rifle, an assault fps shooting
strategy or heavy weapons as army secret agent survival. Jump
into the war field and clear the border area to rescue
injured army man. This is an army elite commando stealth
survival missions for you where they are no easy escape
except you win the war against enemy soldiers. In Last Day
Battleground Call & WW2 Army Survival hunter is
especially skilled for survival war where the enemy battalion
is against you. Let’s be ready for the real battle against
the enemy squad. The war begins at the battlefield and ends
when every single threat is eliminated from cities. Your call
of duty ww2 games as the army elite commando is to eliminate
all enemy confrontation, find the hideout, rescue hostages,
get the control of weaponry and halt the enemy movements on
border area. This is the ultimate army survival mission so be
equipped for a survival hunt in second world war heroes. You
will be supported by your striking killingspree of wwii
zombies & army sniper combat forces.

Realistic battlefield environments between frontline army

Multiple military assault like rifles and automatic latest

Amazing graphics & environment with cool animations.

Face fortnite battleground challenges and improve your
shooting skills

Realistic weather conditions and new challenges in missions

Intense battle field scene and challenging missions

Thrilling missions of modern sniper shooter that will amaze

Best Elite Commando Action robot Shooting skills.

Radar/Map Vision to locate the Counter Terriost to kill ww2

Enjoy hitman sniper free game on timedottime.



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