MaskGun ® Multiplayer FPS – Free Shooting Game

Description of MaskGun ® Multiplayer FPS – Free Shooting Game

MaskGun is a real-time online Multiplayer 3D First Person
Shooter built for Mobile Devices

Learn quickly as you get started, Progress and dominate the

3 Game modes – DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch and Bomb Defusal
Mode. Five new Maps including Diwali Yard, Ryokan, GhostTown
and LightHouse

Play with Your Friends when they are online, Join your friends
in Battle in one click.

Complete missions and achievements to Level Up and Unlock
content. Get VIP to boost rewards and progression

Customize your character using a variety of equipment, masks,
armor and gear. Use a game loadout suitable to your play style.

Enjoy beautiful visuals on screen on even older hardware. Small
download footprint.

Play as much as you want, no energy system

New Content and Modes, Maps being added every month to ensure
that you are engaged, Endless PvP action.

Participate in Clan Events with players worldwide. Can your
clan dominate and be competitive with globally playing clans.

MaskGun is a competitive multiplayer FPS with great 3D graphics
and gripping gameplay. It has simple to learn controls, but
still skill based with its competitive gameplay and close

“One game that I saw that is going to do exceptionally well in
our community is MaskGun”

– Eli Hodapp, Editor – TouchArcade, Podcast

“I quite like the first person shooter with the Masks. That was
my favorite Game. It seemed so slick and so well done. ”

– PocketGamer PodCast

Game now plays well with all Devices including devices with
smaller app size and memory footprint.

Low Battery consumption

Watch the preview video now to see real gameplay of 5-vs-5
multiplayer battles.

(Yeah, it really looks like the screenshots.)

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