Miami Auto Theft City

Description of Miami Auto Theft City

Auto Theft City San Andreas is the new crime simulator game
which allows you to roam around in the city and do exciting
missions to win rewards to buy new cars and weapons. You are
the hero of the city who is sad to see the corruption around
him so you take on the mission of fighting the police and bad
gangsters by becoming a gangster yourself. As a gangster you
will have to create a gang and rule the gang with fierce
power and skill. First you will have to complete individual
missions in order to gain the respect and power among your
comrades. Be the top gang leader to finish corruption from
the city of San andreas. The crisp 3D graphics will make you
fall in love with the game. More than 15+ exciting missions
for you to complete. Smooth and easy will make the game more
enjoyable for you.



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