Monster Hero Super Fights

Description of Monster Hero Super Fights

Childhood Heroes are old now, no one needs to wishes to see
the normal old school fighting where the winner is always the
hero who is kind and cares for humanity. Instead we need a
crazy guy who finds violence and fight amusing. The real hero
is our monster hero, he is a real monster hero who takes part
in super fights, his attacks are intense, he has super
energy, and he fights real battles. With his deadly Monster
looks he has left the city in shock. It is extreme
adventurous for the Monster hero to fight the crime and
attack the criminals. Our monster is no less than a hero. He
has real battle and mission skills, use him against the
mafia, utilize his powers and he will come off as a real
monster hero. His super fights will not disappoint you, he is
a legend for the city people, and his threatening appearance
is itself a weapon against mafia and gangsters. You are real
a Monster Hero with amazing power and battle skills where
Monster Hero fights and catch the gangsters, gangsters, mafia
and criminals. Protect your city from the sinister and fight
a winning battle against villains. Your enemies are no
ordinary people as you think they would be. They have monster
minds and super advance weapons. They have been in so many
fights that killing, shooting and attacking random people
mercilessly is no problem for them. The real fight starts
when our monster hero faces them and fights against them.
Crush and smash everything in its path and become a Monster
Hero of super fight.

You have real hero based story going on in this Monster hero
Super Fights game, follow that, move around places in real 3D
environment. Go out, visit the sky, and explore the amazing
city. Come across the villains, start a battle, take your
mission deep into your spirits, attack them, kill the
criminals in the battle, be the legend, save the honor of the
city and all the other monster heroes.

Tear through real vehicles and smash houses in amazing 3D
city environment. Indulge your hero powers in super fights
while you are in the hyper realistic suburban environment as
you roam!

1- Super fight with various combination of deadly stunts and

2- Super cool monster hero character to control

3- Exciting missions and super battles

4- Amazing monster hero qualities used in super fights

5- Fantasy 3D Town area

6- Vibrant & addictive Gameplay with thrilling challenges

7- Easy and smooth controls



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