Monster Superhero vs Dinosaur Battle: City Rescue

Description of Monster Superhero vs Dinosaur Battle: City

Caution!!! Your City is under attack by the bunch of
dinosaurs. Different kind of Jurassic beast strikes the
modern city again. let’s fight begin against prehistoric
T-Rex Tyrannosaurs rex as an incredible monster superhero and
also start the city rescue mission in dinosaur fighting
games. Become a superhero of New York City complete the
hardest ever fights mission of incredible monster vs dinosaur
city battle. Dinosaur city attack games were never been such
thrilling. Monster Superhero vs Dinosaur Battle City Rescue
is specially designed for the lovers of monster superhero
games. Transform your human body in to green monster hero in
this transforming simulator games. Be a superhero in form of
Green Monster Hero and get ready for fight against the
different types of primitive beasts like Tyrannosaurs Rex
(T-Rex) Spinosaurus, Velociraptor, Titanosaurus and many more
wild dino beasts in the deadly war.

Game-Play of Incredible Monster Hero vs Dinosaur City Attack:

In dinosaur survival games transform yourself into a flying
monster hero and rescue the innocent people form the wild
attack of dinosaurs in dinosaur brutal fight simulator. In
the monster battle city there is lot of damage and mass
destruction by the mighty dinosaur but don’t worry because
this is part of the monster battle game. Just keep fighting
in this monster hero city rescue mission. Incredible monster
vs dinosaur city battle! Counter the attack of t-rex in this
survival city with incredible monster city rescue mission.

Flying monster hero with unique Superpower skills to fight
against the rampage of dinosaurs. Use all your fantastic
power as hero city and protect and rescue the people of
survival city in new dinosaur games 2017. The Dinosaurs
wander around the city destructing whatever gets in their way
they are trying to chase and crush invaders. Extreme power
and marvelous strategy is needed to destroy them as you are
plying as incredible monster. Fantastic hero vs dinosaur city
war has realistic dino and monster battling.

Features in Incredible Monster vs Super Dinosaur City Battle:

↗ Intense fight & challenging rescue mission in dinosaur
fight simulator.

↗ High altitude of flying monster experience with monster
superhero games.

↗ Action packed battle & destruction by the Jurassic

↗ Various combat mission in dinosaur vs monster.

↗ City chaos, rampage & havoc scenarios with thrilling

↗ Realistic graphics with astounding animations with dino in

Once you help them and save the survival city so help them to
win this war against the enemy dino force with help of your
monster hero with flying capability. Download now Monster
Superhero vs Dinosaur Battle: City Rescue and start the city
battle as an incredible monster hero against the dinosaurs.



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