Ninja Kung Fu – FREE Anime

Description of Ninja Kung Fu – FREE Anime

Take your role as a super ninja in this great anime game full
of action!

Ninjas were great warriors of the Japanese Empire, experts at
martial arts. They were the best men at spying and killing!

Now there are few ninjas left and they are usually hired as
professional killers by mafias – that is why most of the
people do not like ninjas, they have no honor anymore.

You are training to be the best ninja, a great warrior on
martial fights. You prepare yourself at the ninja school of
kung fu to become a ninja master. You have met there tonight
with other ninjas to fight each other in order to train your
kung fu skills but you have a problem: Some people heard
about this meeting and want to stop you at any cost! So if
you want to arrive to the meeting point and reach the kung fu
school, you will need to be fast before someone tries to stop
you because despite the bad reputation of the ninjas, you
only fight if it is necessary, so try to avoid every attack
and do not stop running!

Get prepared for this amazing race!

Some features of this anime game:

– Realistic scene at night with incredible anime graphics!

– Choose the difficulty levels by selecting your favourite
character and enjoy this funny race!

– Fast paced races were you need to avoid every enemy fight
or attack

– Easy mobile control for all skill levels that will immerse
you in this addictive games

– All the obstacles are randomly distributed at the start of
each checkpoint, making it always a fresh experience at the
beginning of each game

– Appropriate for kids and adults who love anime games

Move through the city like the ninja you are in incredible
speedy races and share your highest score of this games on

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