One Man Army

Description of One Man Army

Let’s download and enjoy the fully featured One Man Army from
Google Play Store at your android device for free. It offers
the most comprehensive war battled strategy game. One man army
is a combat game which you need to kill all the enemies and
commander who are trying to surmount your country. Be a brave
army commando, ambush and kill the enemies before they kill

Modern Combat just landed in the palm of your hand. As a
trained recruited elite commando you have given the mission to
stop and fight with Commander Rodriguez, renowned former
military General of the state has been involved in
anti-government activities and running a rebellion known as the
Godzilla Warriors. Commander is responsible for many war crimes
and currently working against the government. As a one man army
you have to fight with rebellion insurgency in the world most
dangerous area and stop commander because he might cause to be
a great threat of peace in your country.

Become a real hero by saving your country and be a reason for
the world’s peace and happiness among the people.

Game Play and Missions:

Mission 1: Infiltrate

The mission is to infiltrate and penetrate the base camp
through the secret yet guarded path. Use of any kind of weapon
other than a knife is not allowed. Alarming them can be

Mission 2: One Man Army

The mission is to go further into the rebellion insurgency base
camp and eliminate every guard on the way. You can use only
knife to kill them.

Mission 3: Sharp Shooter

The mission is enter into the base camp as a sharp shooter by
eliminating the four guards at the gate. Here darkness is our
advantage and you have a pistol and a rifle to kill them.

Mission 4: Base Operation

Grab power to get more strength to kill enemies to enter into
the main base camp of your country enemy. As a trained elite
commando who has to use his superior guerilla warfare
techniques to kill every enemy which come in your way.

Mission 5: Elimination

Identify the location and eliminate the commander Rodriguez,
who is leading the enemy base. Remember is very clever old man
don’t underestimate his skills. Be always ready to attack.
Enemy is alert, so be careful while walking forward for the
death combat. You should be ready for the brave stand against
Commander Rodriguez.

Mission 6: Run & Escape

It’s a do or die situation, use your commando skills to combat
the armed men after kill and destroy the Commander Rodriguez.
You have done well to eliminate the resistance of the enemy
with strength. This is the battle of heroes and you have to
escape the base camp as soon as possible. Best of luck you have
finished the enemies for the honor and glory.

Game Features:

• Third person 3d shooting & killing game

• Different obstacles placed there to maintain your safety

• Realistic and modern game play

• Much advance and larger environment to explore

• Strategy making game

• Ambush the enemy forces in different ways

• Efficient weapon controls and movement

• Realistic sound effects

• Easy GUI and controls

We are continuously update our games. Your suggestions &
reviews would be great pleasure for us.

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