Police Shooting car chase

Description of Police Shooting car chase

Get ready to hit the dirt in this Xtreme Police Shooting Car
Chase traffic shooting police battle experience that takes you
to the edge of the action with its epic highway police chase
with turrets and guns on the road in this endless traffic
shooter game. The fighting mafia criminals are on the run and
you need to catch or shoot them down in an xtreme dirt road
town with turrets and guns in this traffic sniper police
battle. Equipped with the city attack fully charged super cars
and customized cars, having machine gun and missile installed
on it, the big fight of hitting the dirt road & overtaking
doesn’t get any more xtreme than this with free gun and run.
The drug mafia wars, mob wars, crime city traffic sniper mafia
and the terrorists are out there on the public places,
disturbing the justice & peace of the city. Your duty is
fighting mafia & bringing the peace back and crack down,
enforce the law and be a real action hero in this the big fight
& free 3D action car battle endless shooting game, before
the crime city gangsters getaway and stop the traffic shooter
mob wars.

You must have played many xtreme racing getaway endless
shooting games but the excitement of this free 3D action racing
deathmatch demolition game is that you get a chance of testing
your epic warfare driving overtaking and shooting bullet skills
all together in an explosive way to be a real action hero.

So let’s forget asphalt and hit the dirt road and drive like a
3D action hero and shoot like a road warrior to chase down
prison breaking criminals before they getaway. Police shooting
car chase delivers xtreme exciting car battle demolition
gameplay, amazing shooting mechanics and a chance earn the
points to upgrade your super cars. Moreover, the game also
offers almost an one handed control system, where the players
can easily customize their controls to their liking with tilt
or swipe. You will also get to collect a lot of pickups on your
grand snake io chase of the counter terrorist enemies gangs
escaping prison and chance to be a real action police fastest
hero. Beware of the obstacles !! It’s a public place, mob
criminals & counter terrorists gangs will be driving
through the desert vegas city causing heat, dirt off road
townships, shopping malls, schoolyard, hospitals, public
parking, so make sure you don’t hit any innocent.

This is one of the top free games in racing that packs quite a
punch with it solid action packed 3D game play where you can
transform from a racer to a killing machine.

The mission is called “real racing chase deathmatch”

Top game features

-Challenging tracks, including Xtreme dirt offroad track

-Easy to Difficult missions

-Realistic city environment

-Cool physics of cars

-Machine gun and missile attacks and huge explosions

-Optimized tilt, steer & swipe controls

-Real sound effects and music

This free action racing game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy
the top latest Shooting, Racing, FPS, simulation games. Never
before will you have found yourself being a real racing shooter

PS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly on every
major android phone and tablet. If however you encounter any
issue which doesn’t let you enjoy our games, please report it



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