Sengoku Ninja Assassin 3D

Description of Sengoku Ninja Assassin 3D

Shinobidu: Ninja Assassin Stealth Combat 3D Open World game

Crime Control Warring States Period japanese Hitman defending
its territory from humans. Sneak up on enemy warrior samurai
and kill them wit your strong hits. In this Android game you
have to control a Hitman Ninja , who is infuriated by the fact
that there humans entered his territory. Penetrate the military
camp, City, and other places where samurai settled to destroy
them all. Be careful, the samurai are well-armed. So you need
to use a variety of shelters, guide your hero along rooftops,
etc. Attack enemies from behind.

Ninja Assassin 3D – violent action “Ninja Assassin Grand
godfather stealth crime street assassination simulator” game
infiltrate humiliate

Brutal assassination sneak jungle, contract killer a ninja
thief give a fatal blow from behind the enemy!

Watch your footsteps in the jungle, never positive conflict
warring with the enemy,st uncertainty

samurai Sniper firepower very powerful!

Gorgeous bloody action violence assassinations, random
assassinations launched action

Exciting treasure hunt mode, collect the key to save the
orangutan companion

360-degree 3D visual effects operation, free to manipulate
perspective worse Animal Gorilla Auto

Enemies will try to kill you. Being a skillful sword killer you
have to use your sword and slash your enemies into pieces and
take your revenge. There are five different stages pass these
stages to save her. They are unaware about your hidden skills
use them and save your princess and go back to your dream world
and live happily ever after.

Run up wall, slash evil ninjas with warrior samurai sword.
Humiliate demon bosses with your master Kung fu skills. Play as
period Japanese hitman infiltrate enemy territory, start
slashing enemies with your samurai sword. Kill them all with
fetal strong below of your sword blade.

San Andreas Crime City : Gangster Story is one of the best
action games in 2015!

In this game you are gangster – hero, who doesn’t afraid
anything. In your city mafia ruling the streets. Savage,
aggressive criminals are everywhere. They shooting, kill
people, rob banks and stores. There is a criminal chaos in the

It’s time to show everyone who’s boss by shooting rivals and
ruling the streets. You are not policeman. You are a gangster,
who don’t need for glory – you have a greed for revenge. You
have a big gun and must to kill as much as possible bandits
with guns, knifes and other weapons.

Are you ready to rescue a people from horrible life among
blood, shots, bandits and killers?

You as a player are given a full sized city where you can go
nuts, but don’t go on a rampage because then the cops will be
upon you. The action in this crime simulator 3D game revolves
around shooting and killing your enemies.

10 breathtaking assassination war missions against armed

Realistic stealth and combat movements between ninja shinobi

Amazing swimming, jump, weapon strike animations

Smooth onscreen touch buttons for shadow fighting game

HD graphics with beautiful forest locations to explore




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