Shark Hunting Deep Dive 2

Description of Shark Hunting Deep Dive 2

Enjoy this hunting game simulator with deep sea animals to hunt
from all over the world.

Welcome to the most exciting sea sport adventure. This is a
game for the fishing enthusiasts. Pure fishing experience. Epic
fishing challenge and explore the underwater sea life at
paradise island. Play Spear Fishing and Scuba with Deep Dive,
the amusing water hunter game for spearfishing lovers.

There are 3 Modes:

🐬 <b> Shark Hunting Mode </b>

🐬 <b> Scuba Diving Mode </b>

🐬 <b> Revenge – Attack Mode of Shark </b>

Endless underwater world in HD quality, Dive into Blue Ocean
and play as underwater hunter. Ocean life is full of amusing
inhabitants at your disposal like white shark, clownfish and
starfish.! If you haven’t experienced yet, this is your
opportunity! Become a scuba and shoot harpoon with gun to catch
wild fish in underwater fishing game.

The Ace Scuba divers, mask, air tank, fins are already inside
at sea adventure. Be careful of attacks while fishing in
Paradise Island! There are predators in the water and if you
accidentally shoot them, they will attack you!! Grab your
sniper rifle and go around for catching whale & goldfish.
In this Swim Simulator, wear scuba diving suite and take your
fishing gear from fisherman. Sail boat. Fisherman chase
lionfish and starfish while sailing in fishing boat. It’s a
real fishing kind of game. Fire harpoon from your spear gun,
and enjoy the travel of sea in underwater while hunting with
guns and not by fish hook.

Killer shark will kill you with its razor sharp jaws, so get
ready to Catch the most wanted fish and Become ace shooter
enjoying angling with your rifle in this fishing season with
your scuba mask in lake with seamless cozy water and prove your
diving skills.

Play as a menacing prehistoric in a marine hunting adventure
and ignore ordinary anglers. Catch fish underwater with gun
without angling rod. There is nothing more thrilling than
hunting fish with a rifle. Use your gun to hunt dolphins
peeking above water. Remember blue whale is sea king. Feeling
hungry fishy get rid of angling rod and tension gauge jump in
freshwater swim towards fish horde reduce distance. Take aim
striking pin and avoid damage fish and catches hooked fish with
spear. Enjoy this Swim Simulator.

• Shark Attack Mode :

Take also control of a white shark the deadliest human prey
hunter that is chasing scuba divers. Go on killing spree in
depths of ocean and rip apart everything in sight & Become
sea monster and kill spear hunters! Meet Shark and io, a brutal
Megalodon, Cause havoc and turmoil in underwater world. Battle
sealife face piranha attack & Go on aquatic adventure.
Chase like dolphin and killer whales. Crush boats and ships
that cruise around your ocean, take down humans and stay alive!
Spear hunters will shoot at you so attack them and escape. Eat
sea otters and dolphins and Remember this ridiculous blue is
the sea king and rule as you like.


✓ Multiple Modes in a single game, Hunting, Scuba Diving,
Attack Mode

✓ Beautiful 3D graphics Blue Ocean for spearfishing!

✓ Scuba Swimming, Forward and reverse dives and flips.

✓ Shooting with sea life like crystal, trout, starfish and orca

✓ Swimming and shooting both in a single Game.

✓ Animated Aquatic animals including Orca, Whale, Dolphin and




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