Street Robot Fighting HD 3D

Description of Street Robot Fighting HD 3D

Street Robot Fighting HD 3D – Real steel revenge in your
mobile device. FREE to play brutal hand to hand combat.

Robot wars have begun – the only way to stop it is to kill
the robot gangster and save the world. Crazy box competition
with fighting machines! Welcome to robotic planet.

Arcade style fighting and action. Use all your Ninja,
Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Boxing and other fighter skills. You
need to be a terror fighting ultraman and professional killer
to play this kill him game.Fight the robot opponent and win!
Use various kicks and punches to gain the advantage. Do not
also forget about blocks. Good luck!

Robot killer game with extreme fights and monster warriors.
Start the mortal combat and stay on the battlefield as long
as you can. The great robot defense punch hero game where you
play the role of gladiator warrior who is going to hit his
opponent like a punching bag. Survival tournament has begun!
Use defenses and attack techniques in this EPIC ACTION



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