Stupid Survivor (Demo)

Description of Stupid Survivor (Demo)

Stupid Survivor is a fast-paced action game where you escape
from houses that inexplicably keep catching fire.

The game features 20 levels of increasing difficulty. The
player has to save items of personal value from the flames
and navigate through a maze of rooms, all the while avoiding
firefighters that are out to save your skin (but not your

Each level has a set of items that have to be saved to
complete the level. However, for the special badge, you have
to save all items. And once you have done that, you can
always try to improve your time.

The game focuses on speed and humor. The graphics are
inspired by the classic 1950s style of animation, while the
music is produced on 80s vintage analog synthesizers. Combine
that with quick-finger gameplay, and you have a unique gaming



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