Survival Run with Bear Grylls

Description of Survival Run with Bear Grylls

RUN, RUN & RUN! This app will keep you on the edge of
your seat while you try to survive gruesome adventurous and
formidable missions.

We have designed the ultimate survival run with your
favourite adventurer of all time, the legendary Bear Grills!
In F84 Games’ Bear Grylls Survival Rush, you’ll run for your
life, running away from the world’s most indefatigable
grizzly bear.

You will have to run through frightening environments in
order to escape and while you are at it, hope to collect some
gold coins and maggots as you put your courage to a test.
‘Survival Run with Bear Grylls’ is designed to keep the
adrenaline pumping at all times! Going base jumping, flying
on rescue helicopters and feeling the rush of being a
Paratrooper makes the gameplay so exciting and yet so easy to

In the Race for Survival, the more you run the better it
gets! Unlock other incredible Bear Grylls characters while
keeping in mind that there is danger lurking at every turn!
The app was designed to give you the best mobile experience
out there, so you can expect it to be very easy to control
and you just need your device to get your missions done.

Download this app and help Bear Grylls escape his fate once



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