Swipe Fighter Heroes – Fun Multiplayer Fights

Description of Swipe Fighter Heroes – Fun Multiplayer Fights

🗡️ Time to Gear Up, Knock’em Out & Become the Champion! 🏆

👉 Download now to become a hero and fight real players! 👈

💪 Swipe Fighter Heroes is a fun and addictive game for kids of
all ages – boys vs girls, young vs old, friend vs enemy! Be
ready to bring your karate, ninja or wrestling tricks to the
street and smash them all in to goo in this epic clash!! 💥

Choose your favorite fighter, collect the coolest weapons and
be ready to take a duel against real players online in this new
marvelous multiplayer game.

Punch, kick, swipe and win the fight! Build up your rage-meter
and unleash unique touch attacks to punish your opponent and
become the master. Spin, Jump, Swerve, Dodge, Block and Attack!
All tricks are allowed! Do it like a ninja, wrestling style,
mma, boxing or karate – or whip out your gun and start to spray
mayhem! Get your heart pumping – don’t panic and run!

🤝Get your friends to play this marvelous game, so you can clash
each other and find out who’s the best! ⚔️

Did you ever dream about wielding a broad sword, a big club,
shoot and fire an Uzi or slicing up your opponent to bits with
sharp and fearsome throwing stars? Get in the zone and collect
all weapons to create your own style and activate sweet
animation moves. Be ready for it, and put on your defensive
gear of helmets, hats, bandannas, rings and accessories to
protect yourself from what’s to come in this exciting
adventure! There is no mercy when a duel begins in Swipe
Fighter Heroes – only the strongest, most lucky and smartest
players will survive. Man or woman, young or old, bat, cat or
mouse – spare no one – smash them to goo!

Download now and show them who’s the best, show them who’s the
boss – show them how to be a HERO! Start your quest for stardom

including, Vampire, Amazon, Kiddo, Phoenix, Ranger, Widow, that
Space Dude and more!

Collect all the fighters and weapons. Level up, upgrade your
armor and items, and beat your enemies to climb the global
leader-board. Seek glory in beautiful new arenas throughout the
game and secure your legacy. Let the war begin!


✔️Fun and addictive multiplayer battles!

✔️Super responsive and unique touch gesture-based controls.

✔️ 8 cool characters and heroes to collect and unlock with
great animations.

✔️Lots of epic and rare weapons, armors and accessories to
collect to boost your character and progression.

✔️ 8 super arenas based on real world locations to unlock on
your way through the adventure.

✔️ Deck out your favorite hero to defeat your opponents.

✔️ Follow your progress on the leader-board and fight for

✔️ Fight other players in real time 😆

PLEASE NOTE! Swipe Fighter Heroes is free to download and play,
however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.
If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app
purchases in your device’s settings.

Network connection required for full experience.



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