Teen Titans Go Figure Guide

Description of Teen Titans Go Figure Guide

Mini Titans Go! Robin found in this RPG fighting figurines of
epic proportions !
Create your team and challenge your opponents in fights
against 3 3 ! Triggers of super hits in real time with the
combat bar. Exchange hero to launch devastating attacks and
to bite the dust to your opponents.
Collect them all ! Collect all 70 figurines Mini Titans ,
including Terra, Kid Flash , the Titans ‘ 80s, Red X, Batgirl
, Silkie and many more !
store to store course to buy the figurines of your favorite
heroes . Performed special missions , participate in
tournaments and unlock new areas to reach your goal : to
become the champion of Mega Minis Jump City !
Mini In The Titans, you will hear the original voices of
Robin , Starfire , Cyborg , Raven and Changeling !



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