Two guys & Zombies (online game with friend)

Description of Two guys & Zombies (online game with friend)

Two guys & Zombies – beautiful cartoon 2d zombie shooter
for two players. If you looking online games with friends, then
this is what you need.

Here you play as cowboy and policeman who are trapped in the
middle of the city surrounded by zombies. Nothing remains to be
done, how to fight these creatures to the last drop of blood.


• Play with friend in online co op game

• Hero Upgrading

• Construction – barricades, turrets, etc.

• Many varieties of zombies

• A lot of interesting locations

• Various weapons from pistol to grenade launcher

• Pleasant graphics and soundtrack

Help with multiplayer:

If you want to play this online game with your friend, then
press Multiplayer, then you will need to decide who will create
the game server and who will connect to it.

For example, if you are server, therefore, press Server, your
friend should click Join. Both players will move to the level
menu, then you just need to click Play and enjoy the game!

More about the game:

Mission in the game is to been through as many zombie’s waves
as possible, in order to earn diamonds. With diamonds, you can
buy abilities for your hero. With each new ability, you can
been through even longer. For example, the ability to
“Comfortable shoes” will allow the hero to move at a faster
rate, which is useful in tactical retreat in dangerous
situation. In addition, for example, the ability to “Armored
jacket” will allow the hero to been through more attacks from

Easier to play the “Two guys & Zombies” with friend,
because in the game often zombies will attack from both sides
and always nice when your friend covers your back. Even more
convenient, when your friend builds barricades, and you protect
him, shooting back from the zombies.

If you have any questions in the game, then write to, we are always happy to help!



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