Wild Animal Hunt Jungle Sniper

Description of Wild Animal Hunt Jungle Sniper

A group of researchers, environmentalists, zoologist and a
wildlife biologist are on a research tour of the Jungle to find
the behavior changes in the wild animals as far the weather and
the wild animals hunting is concerned. The director of the team
asked them to take some locals, who have some local knowledge.
All members of the group are animals lovers and don’t like any
kind of cruelty towards animals.

When they got to Jungle, the animals thought of them as
predator or they were looking for prey. In either case these
wild animals, acting like beast, attack the group of
researchers. Thanks God that the wildlife biologist was an ex
jungle sniper and has good sniper skills as he remained jungle
animal sniper hunter, the local provided him with a sniper
hunting gun. So the whole scenario changed into hunting and
sniper shooting now, and now he was taking all the wild animals
head on .He was not playing Jungle hunter sniper game, but he
was surviving against these predator as there was no other way.
So complete all the hunting missions.

Vicious Crocodile attack, roaring lion attack, horrifying angry
bear encounter or it might be the survival attacks against the
wolf, bobcat, the stags or the hippo, the sniper hunter must be
ready for any of these kinds of wild animal attacks, as you are
on their hunting ground.

So be that sniper for today and save your mates from these
predator and beast of jungle in this wild animal hunting game.
You have to surf through the Jungle to get to a secure location
to get the best hunting experience. You will encounter all the
wild animals one by one in the shape of vicious crocodile or an
angry roaring lion or other jungle animals like bear, wolf,
rhino, bobcat, stag and hippo. Your sniper ammo is limited, so
make good use of your hunting and sniper shooting rifle and the


Real life wild animals hunting experience in this jungle
hunting sniper game

Efficient hunting rifle controls- be a hunting legend

Real Sniper physics

Amazing animals attack animations

Roaring and jumping lion attack, mesmerizing animation.

First Person shooting (FPS)

Amazing 3D environments for these vicious predator



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