Wrestling Hard Time- New Action Game

Description of Wrestling Hard Time- New Action Game

Extreme Jump best wrestler into city who is teemed with
gangsters and you have to defeat them all one by one
wrestling games.

At first destroy the mafia boss who is creating chaos in mad
city, if you successfully defeat them then get to fight with
the mafia boss and defeat him. Become wrestler & use all
wrestling fight skills to defeat your rivals. Become a pro
wrestler in this open city like wrestling . Play “Wrestling:
New Action Game” Survive in the ring leaving your rival no
chance to win, best wrestler fight against mafia and level up
your wrestling fight skills on the top level to become the
ultimate wrestler in this non-stop action game.

Enter the fighting city and find out hidden bonuses in town.
destroy the gradually increasing enemies and meet their big
mafia boss in ring for an ultimate fighting wrestling

Some wrestler bosses might be stronger than they look, so
train yourself a lot to prove your strength as a real
wrestler. Test new techniques, like karate kicks and boxing
punches or gymnastic dodging art of fighting. Improve your
fighting game skills and be the best wrestler of all time.
Participate in fighting challenge for a good cause, make
world a better place to live by eliminating all the bad
elements. Five major fighting gangster groups are operating
in town and are responsible for the fuss, make them

Increase your wrestling expertise with time and your punching
ability will gradually increase as well to prove yourself as
best wrestler. Become powerful pro fighter & have no
mercy on your rival enemies. perform kick, punch and
different fighting combos to undo the opponent, make full use
of your wrestling skills.

Keep champions a check on your health bar do not let that end
and find health powers ups while wondering in town playing
this non-stop action wrestling game.


5 Major bosses to fight in ring.

Ultimate action packed wrestlers fighting game

3D animations and realistic quality sound

Infinity levels with maximum difficulty

Collect bats and utilize them as weapon

Amazing boxing physics and fighting combos

Download this game and play this fighting challenge which is
recommended for you and let us know how you feel about our
wrestling game.



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